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Have you heard about this fashion regarding fashionable walls?

I am convinced that many us actually think that this takes a lot of cash to live in a fashionable flat. I should admit that I also believed in this in a similar way for a long time. Nevertheless, 1 day I realized that it was just my excuse. You might be surprised with the world I used, but I initially wrote “excuse”. It was my excuse not to do anything in my place. Back then, I kept convincing myself and my partner that if I have not enough money to hire a designer, it is pointless to spent money on good looking things as I simply don’t know how they would look together etc.. Everything changed when I was paying a visit to one of my colleagues. Elspeth is a single mother. What’s more, she works for the same enterprise as I do, at the same position. In consequence, I know how much money she has. Therefore I know that she is not reacher than I am. But when I entered her home, I was totally impressed!