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What decoration could we use in our houses to obtain best results?

Autor: Maciek Lulko
We all really good knows that a well-design of our residences is quite expected by a large part of our community. Executing our daily task in interesting surroundings is a definitely positive element that we are going to obtain.

The mysterious Amber Room – power of amber and gold. Something new, something awesome.

Autor: designmilk
It’s the most popular room in history, not only, because it was made of gold and amber, but also because of its wanishing in the violent years of WW2. There are many guesswork of possible location of hiding the Amber Room (a few of them are in Poland – Owl Mountains, Nysa, Cracow). The Amber Room was made for Tsar Peter the Great in XVIII century (it was a present from Prussian king Frederick William I. The major decorative panels were shipped to Russia in eighteen chests.
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