A few words on how to redecorate walls in your house

przez | 8 lipca 2021
1 of my friends is an architect. We don’t see each other extremely often as we moved to different cities. She is highly passionate about her profession. She discusses it with such big passion that though I am frequently not interested in interior design, I like listening to her discussing it. So, frequently when we finally manage to have a coffee together, we also talk about new trends in architecture


This was exactly the same six months ago. My friends was focusing on the house of 1 client passionate both about backpacking and nature. She was very demanding and asked that her new interior to be greatly trendy. My friend suggested her to use wallpapers. I need to admit that at the beginning I didn’t know what she meant. Certainly, I know what wallpapers are – Check with the city wallpaper.

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However, I have never considered it with something fashionable in particular. Consequently, I wanted a lot to check the project that my friend has developed. And then I got that. Wallpapers she was talking about were not standards wallpapers at all. They had gorgeous pics on themselves and they could do wonders when it comes to interiors. For instance, my friend included in her interior project two different wallpapers.

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To begin with, she decided to use cities wallpaper in the bathroom. The problem with the client’s bathroom was the fact that there was no window. So she decided to choose the wallpaper which shows illuminated tower blocks just behind the window. As a result of that, the bathroom not only could look like it has a window, but also that this has this beautiful view behind it. I was very fascinated! This might presumably look cliché, but the quality of photo was so good, that it looked very good!
Another wallpaper I saw in the project was dandelions wallpaper. That one was used in the bedroom. As her client likes nature, she decided to suggest the wallpaper that has this amazing flower. This was original and marvellous at the same time.

When I came home I was already convinced that I want to have something similar in my room. I am positive that I am going to find the perfect one this week! These days, there are just great!